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When you eventually pass away, you want to do so knowing that your family and loved ones will be taken care of after your death.

The best way to accomplish this goal is through the creation of an Ariona will. With the help of experienced document preparation professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your estate will be handled properly and the inheritance of your most cherished family members is secure.

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What is an Arizona Will?

A will is an essential part of any person’s estate plan.

The will is the document that dictates the distribution of a person’s estate after his or her death as well as who is responsible for managing the estate after the deceased is gone.

A will includes the name and personal information of the testator, identifies the assets of the estate, and names who will get what when the testator dies. The will can also include the naming of a probate executor, digital executor, funeral arrangements, and name guardians for any minor or special needs children.

Without a properly written and executed will, a person’s estate will be distributed out according to that state’s intestacy laws, regardless of the wishes of the deceased. 

The executor named in the will handles all administrative matters after the testator dies, including the payment of taxes, paying any outstanding debts, and distribution of the remaining estate assets.

The estate assets include anything of value belonging to the deceased, including bank accounts, real estate, personal property, retirement accounts, business interests, and anything else that has a monetary value.

Failure to properly document these items in a will can lead to ugly battles between family members and confusion amongst beneficiaries to the estate regarding what they are entitled to inherit.

Why Document Preparation is Important for Wills

Document preparation is critically important for wills and other estate planning documents. Failure in the proper creation of a will can lead to disaster for the testator’s family after their loved one is gone, and in the worst cases lead to lengthy and contentious legal battles between beneficiaries to the estate.

By trusting an experienced document preparation company with your will, you know that you are receiving a quality product with attention to detail specific to your unique situation.

The purpose of a will is to comprehensively cover all aspects of your estate once you are gone, and our document preparation specialists understand all aspects of a will that must be covered in order to protect your wishes and benefit your loved ones in the way you want after you have passed.

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