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Helping People In Arizona Obtain Annulments

Annulments are relatively uncommon and filing for one is not something most people are familiar with. Our team of expert document preparers can quickly prepare your paperwork so that your annulment is completed ASAP.  AZ Diamond Documents helps couples in all of Arizona annul their marriages and move forward with their lives. The fastest way for you to determine if you qualify for an annulment is to contact our office and speak with our experienced paralegals. We are located in Tucson Arizona so come meet with us if you are in the area so we can start the process immediately for you. You can schedule your free phone consultation now by calling us at (520) 528-0376.

Who Can Get An Annulment?

While annulments are similar to divorce filings, the main difference is that in legal terms it will be as if your marriage never existed. Because an annulment eliminates a marriage, there are strict requirements for who can get an annulment. Generally, these restrictions are related to information that if a person knew beforehand, they would not have married. There are many reasons why an Arizona family court judge may grant an annulment, including:

  • Both individuals are closely blood-related
  • A spouse was already married to another person before getting married again
  • Either party was under the age of 18 at the time of marriage
  • The marriage was the result of fraud
  • A spouse is not mentally fit or was not of sound mind at the time of marriage
  • One spouse forced another into marriage
  • One spouse has a physical incapacity, commonly male impotence, that prevents physical relations

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